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Birth Photography

You’re only going to give birth once, twice, maybe a handful of times. The journey of pregnancy and childbirth is one of the most transformative experiences in our lives, and it’s one that historically hasn’t gotten a lot of attention. Luckily, that’s starting to change, and people all over the world are shining a light on childbirth and the postpartum period and recognizing it as a time to celebrate the unrivaled power of women and birthing bodies. You are an absolute badass - your body built another body out of itself and the raw material of a little DNA.

So let’s tell the story of your baby’s birth on your terms. We’ll document this profound and fleeting moment in your life, the moment the child you grew and carried within you takes their first breath and looks into your eyes for the first time. We’ll celebrate your strength along the way.

Birth is powerful. Birth is sacred. Birth is real.

We embrace birth photography and birth films as powerful tools for change, and believe that documenting this time in our human lives honors the power and sacredness of that moment. We know that your child will one day soon love to flip through the story of their own birth — their very first and very real birth day. We know, too, that these photos will serve as a reminder of your own strength and the love around you as you brought your baby into this world.


As your Portland birth photographer, we will be on call from 37 weeks on. Once active labor begins, we will join you wherever you’ll be — at the hospital, birthing center, or at home — as a calming presence to photograph the meaningful details and the beautiful story of this time.

Birth photography packages begin at $995.

Newborn Baby Photography

Portland Newborn Photographer

Your baby is here! Time is flying by and before you know it they’ll be tying their own shoes and growing too big to hold. We’ll capture all the things that are unique and fleeting about this moment so you can hold onto them forever.
As your Portland newborn photographers, we’ll document the beauty of the everyday. We’ll focus on capturing your family’s authentic connection and create an experience that is memorable, relaxed, connected, and fun.
Contact us here for more information and to set up a session!

Portland newborn baby photography packages begin at $350.

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Maternity Photography: bumps + bellies

Portland Maternity Photographer

This is a magical, transformative time and what better way to remember it than through professional photographs? We’ll head outside and take advantage of the stunning backdrops of the Pacific Northwest and find the best light to capture your glow. We’ll laugh, we’ll have fun, you’ll share your story, and we’ll guide you through flattering poses that show off just how beautiful you are.

Maternity sessions can be a solo experience or can include your partner and other children.

Maternity packages begin at $350.
Reach out here and we’ll send over a packet with more information.

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