About us

It’s 3:00 am and you’re awake. Awake because you’re pregnant and your baby is kicking, their elbows making strange lines across your belly. Or you’re awake because your baby is crying, a week out of the womb and their needs are constant, loud, and exhausting. Your mind races with questions or worry or wonder, and about all that it means to be a parent. And then a thought barges in and demands your attention: Can I do this?

We get it. And we promise: Yes, you can.

Everyone needs a little help sometimes. Especially when undergoing the most impactful, profound transformation there is in life - becoming a parent. Wildwood Birth labor and postpartum doulas offer an empathetic, non-judgmental, unconditional support system throughout pregnancy, birth, and the fourth trimester.  

We’ve come to birth work via a similar path. It was a calling that we were compelled to follow - from the first birth we attended, we were hooked. The calling is to support people giving birth and becoming mothers and parents with as much ease and grace as possible. We’re driven to bring the concept of community into reality, especially during the childbearing year, and shattering the real or perceived isolation that so often accompanies becoming a new parent. 

We take this work to heart - we realize that who you choose to have by your side during this profound journey is an honor and a great responsibility. We humbly, gratefully, and ecstatically look forward to serving you and your family.

We are certified labor and postpartum doulas through Birthingway College of Midwifery’s rigorous program which emphasizes biodynamic care.

Our philosophy: We believe in the power of the undisturbed birth. We trust you, we trust your body. Our ultimate goal is to prepare you to brave the wilds of birth with confidence, and be your rock during the unexpected. We bring many skills to the delivery room, and we know when to step out of the way and allow the process to unfold naturally. During the postpartum period, we know that there is no one that knows your baby better than you, and we can help to make things smoother. You need sleep, good food, plenty of water, and lots of snuggles with your baby. We’ll prioritize these needs and help clear away the noise so you can focus on what matters. 

Our style: We can be as hands-on or hands-off as you need, we can offer verbal coaching if it is helpful. In general, we ascribe to the sentiment of Sai Baba’s profound words: “Before speaking, ask yourself: Is it kind, is it necessary, is it true, does it improve upon the silence?”

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Photos of us by the talented and wonderful Natalie Woodrum of   Here Today Photography

Photos of us by the talented and wonderful Natalie Woodrum of Here Today Photography

The facts:

Vera (in red!)

  • Lives in NE Portland with her partner

  • Is a dedicated Auntie and Godmother

  • Studied Philosophy

  • Is a Restorative Yoga Teacher and Reiki II practitioner

  • Documentary Videographer

  • Goes to Burning Man

  • Traveled the world for five years

  • Self care regimen: acupuncture, long walks in Forest Park, meditation, writing, baking, puer (the earthier the better), purple flowers 

Elizabeth (in yellow!)

  • Portlander born and raised 

  • Studied International Affairs in New York before finding her way home again

  • Documentary photographer

  • Can’t get enough of the mountains

  • Lives with her boo in NE

  • Has lived and worked in a small handful of Spanish-speaking countries

  • Speaks Spanish fluently on a good day

  • Self care regimen: morning meditation, journaling, baths, hiking, backpacking, cooking, time with loved ones, volunteer work, (too many) photos of flowers 

*You may have noticed that we use both “woman/mother” and the gender neutral “birthing person/parent” on this website. We did this intentionally because we believe in the importance of celebrating and lifting up women and mothers, while also celebrating and recognizing that not all birthing people are women. We will advocate for and celebrate you no matter how you present or identify. Thank you for being you.