About us

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We’re all about YOU!

We’ve both come to birth work via a similar path. It was a calling that we were compelled to follow - from the first birth we attended, we were hooked. The calling is to support women giving birth and becoming mothers with ease and grace. There can be scary moments during pregnancy and birth. And becoming a parent? What can be more scary than loving that much? We’re here for you. We aspire to be your warm blanket over the whole experience - we will help you build your cocoon, stand guard over it, and watch in awe as you emerge a strong, beautiful butterfly with your baby in your arms.

We take this work seriously - we realize that who you chose to have by your side during this profound journey is an honor and a great responsibility. We humbly, gratefully, and ecstatically relish the opportunity to serve you.

We were certified through Birthingway College of Midwifery’s rigorous program of biodynamic care.

The facts:

Lives in NE Portland with her partner of five years
Is a dedicated Auntie and Godmother
Studied Philosophy
Is a Restorative Yoga Teacher and Reiki II practitioner
Documentary Videographer
Goes to Burning Man
Meditates, writes, bakes
A lover of nature, dogs, and good food
Practices reverence for the Divine and the Profane

Portlander born and raised
Can’t get enough of the mountains
Documentary photographer
Lives with her boo in NE
Has never been to Burning Man
Meditates, writes, eats
In love with the world

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